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Do "the Guys" sell systems ? Could they build a system for me ?

With a plethora of bargain-basement PC manufacturers available, we focus our attention on building premium systems for custom applications (such as laboratory use and multiplayer gaming).  If you wish to have a system built to your specs, contact us for more information.

If you need a cheap general-purpose system for your home or office, we can make the purchase for you if you are unsure of what to get. 

What kind of computing services do "the Guys" offer ?

We offer most Windows and Intel-compatible service and support, including everything from Windows workstations and servers to wired and wireless networking and application support.  We also support the following, to a lesser extent...

SUN Solaris based hardware and O/S                         HOME THEATER                             NETWORK PRINTERS/COPIERS

MACINTOSH based hardware and O/S                        LAPTOP REPAIR                             REMOTE ACCESS SETUP

Do "the Guys" do web hosting ?

There are more than enough domain, hosting, and design services to be had.  Although we used to use Godaddy.com, due to ethical concerns, we will be discontinuing our service when it runs out and will no longer be recommending them.  If you need someone to do the initial legwork (set up and/or design a simple web site) for you or your company, we can do that for you.  Give us a call for details.

Will "the Guys" really come to my house and fix my PC ?   Do "the Guys" service New York City ?

Yes,  you can bring the PC to us or we can come to you.  Click on "Services" above for our rates.  We understand that troubleshooting time can be lengthy (and costly) for a home user, so please be sure to ask us what you may need before calling.  Yes, we may service certain business needs within NYC, at our discretion.

What is Spyware and Malware and how do I stop them?

Spyware and Malware are unwanted programs that infect your computer to promote unwanted advertising, prevent your PC from functioning correctly (if at all), mine your PC for private data or other such specious activity.  We suggest purchasing a well-known anti-virus suite (such as Norton Systemworks or Norton Internet Security) as well as a good spyware removal tool such as Ad-Aware from Lavasoft, and/or Microsoft Defender (both have free downloadable versions).  Many spyware removal tools and cleaners out there are actually spyware installers in disguise, so be careful with what you install!  If it's free, it's usually not good.  We recommend using a combination of  Lavasoft Ad Aware, Microsoft Defender, and Norton Antivirus.

What is file sharing and is it safe and legal for me (or my kids) to share files on the internet?

The practice of sharing files via Bearshare, BitTorrent, Kazaa, and other programs opens you up to several issues...

1. Malicious programs and viruses from the internet can funnel into your computer, being costly to remove.
2. Your personal files can be opened up for the world to see, fueling possible identity theft.
3. Copyright-protected files (videos, music, programs) may be opened up for the world to download, spreading piracy and possibly exposing you to litigation by the copyright holder or their authorities.  

We at NJ ComputerGuys respect your privacy, but we do not suggest you engage in sharing files.   

Is it worth it to upgrade or fix my older home PC?

We answer this based upon the operating system your machine is running and the machine's age.  In general, it is cost-effective to repair or upgrade a machine that is less than three years old (having a Pentium 4 class or higher processor).  If your machine is significantly older, it may be more cost-effective for us to assist you with data-transfer and installation of a replacement PC. 
If in doubt, give us a call.



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